our lady of providence Medical 




918 N Webster Ave. 

1648 N Main Ave.

Scranton, PA 

Office 570-230-4733

Fax 484-397-1333

Our Lady of Providence Medical seeks to provide a new model of primary care for the NEPA community!  We are faithfully Catholic and our Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice structure enables us to provide appropriate levels of care for each individual's needs.

Direct Primary Care involves a monthly fee which allows us to maintain a reasonable number of patients per provider. We do not bill insurance. Patients receive same or next day weekday appointments (at no additional charge), discounted on-site labs ($5 and up!), 24/7 provider coverage, home visits, nutrition counseling, medically supervised weight loss, telemedicine visits, referral services, and so much more!

Imagine timely, relaxed, and unrushed visits without your provider rushing you through while typing into a computer!

As we evolve and grow we plan to add select in-office pharmacy meds (antibiotics, blood pressure pills, etc.), new providers (pediatrics, Ob/gyn, physical therapists, counselors, etc.), a new office site , and so much more!  

OLP Medical is a proud supporter of the newly formed and up and running Providence Pregnancy Center! (providencepregnancycenter.org).  Our dream is to evolve into something greater than what we've ever imagined! 

Please note we are not insurance, membership fees do not qualify as HSA expenditures nor do they satisfy requirements for insurance under the Affordable Care Act.  All are strongly encouraged to maintain standard health insurance or healthshare membership. 

Membership Fees range from $39 to $84 monthly per patient.

While children currently cannot be members, we are available for pediatric appointments age 8 and up on an as needed basis, and children of members will be charged a discounted fee of $29 to $49 per visit.  

We are still in our founding stages. Please reach out to us if interested in becoming a patient or helping in any way.  Thank you, God bless, and please keep us in your prayers!   

Dr. Huffman is a faithful Catholic husband, father, and physician.  He and his wife have 7 children and live in Scranton, PA.  Dr. Huffman has over 20 years combined experience in outpatient, inpatient, and emergency medicine.  He is board certified in Internal Medicine, graduated from Thomas Jefferson Medical University, and completed his residency at Lehigh Valley Hospital.  He enjoys being a grandfather and spending time with friends and family! 

Kelly is a graduate of Marywood University with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and has practiced over 20 years in a variety of hospital and medical office settings.  She earned her Family Nurse Practitioner degree from the University of Scranton in 2017.  Her areas of expertise are preventative medicine, general wellness, nutrition counseling, gastrointestinal health, and women’s health.  Kelly has always believed in the importance of mind, body, and spirit in maintaining health and brings this to her practice daily.  She resides in Scranton with her husband and 3 children.  She enjoys spending time with family, gardening, and being outdoors.